Deluxe Studio - Apartment “Dawn”

An atmospheric, deluxe Studio – Apartment, with fireplace, “Dawn” is located at the IOS building and features one double bed and one single.

A spacious (26m2) and cozy room, with traditional décor, handmade luminaires (owner’s personal touch) and a balcony view that leaves you breathless.


In Greek mythology, “Dawn”, is the personalization of the goddess “Eos”, daughter of the Titan Hyperion and the Titanidae Theia, sister of Helios (the sun) and Selene (the moon).

According to the myth, Eos consorted with the god of war, Ares and was thereupon cursed with unsatisfiable sexual desire by the jealous Aphrodite.

Studio - Apartment αυγή

Room Amenities

The “Dawn” has:

One double bed and one single bed
Anatomic bed mattress
Large balcony overlooking the sea and the mountain
Dining table
Central heating
Αir- Condition
Free wi-fi
Bathroom with a walk-in shower and hydro-column
Mosquito nets in the windows

The room has a fully equipped kitchen.

Electric oven
Microwave oven
Water boiler
Coffee mixer
Cooking utensils