Special Services

  • Medical tourism with alternative forms of treatment for various painful conditions and symptoms (back pain, sciatica, cervical syndrome, rheumatism, etc.) with acupuncture, shiatsu, chiropractic, massage with essential oils, reflexology, relaxation and self-healing methods etc.
    These services are under the supervision and responsibility of the company’s President, Dr. VassiliosBalais, specialist Physician-acupuncturist.


  • Herbal therapy with combinations of various herbs and beverages, gathered from the rich flora of the area,for body stimulation, relaxation, relaxation, detoxification.


  • We organize guided tours in order to get you acquainted with the local flora (mushrooms, herbs, etc.). You can participate in excursions for ecological collection and mushroom photography along with the “Larissa Amanita Ceasarea Club of study and protection of the forest and the mycological flora”. Alternatively, you can choose a lovely walk in the forest, overlooking the coastline of Larissa.




Massage with essential oils


Relaxation and self-healing methods

Herbal therapy