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The road access to “Amanitis Ceasarea” is very easy and enjoyable. It will take approximately 35 minutes once you have exited the national highway of Athens-Thessaloniki, at the Larissa junction.

Upon exiting the national road (exit Larissa 2 if you are coming from Athens, orexit Larissa 3 if you are coming from Thessaloniki) follow the sign leading you to Agia and the coastal area of the prefecture of Larissa. The drive is relatively short, and the road itself is very smooth.

After exiting the highway, follow the signs to Agia and beaches of Larissa. Once you reach to Agia, do NOT turn left to enter in the town, but keep following the same road. 1-2 minutes after you will have left Agia behind, take the right turn at the crossroad, where there is also a sign ‘’Skiti’’. The route is fascinating, as you climb a winding road in a dense, green forest and clear skies. It’ll take no more than 10-15 minutes to reach Skiti.

Once you enter Skiti, at the road split, you will take the direction “to square” (you can also see our sign). Continue straight ahead (ignoring all the side) and after you pass the old church of St. Athanasios, you will reach the edge of the village. Upon our sin, follow down the cement road.

After 20meters you will find our entrance.

“Welcome to Amanitis Ceasarea”!!!

Ξενώνας Αμανίτης του Καίσαρος

Alternative access from Northern Greece

Heading towards the highway, before you enter the valley of Tempe, and just before pass the bridge over the Peneus river, you will see a sign on your left “Agiokampos, Stomio and Kokkino Nero”. Once you reach the coastal road in Agiokampos follow the signs for Larissa.

Approximately 3 Kilometers off the coast road, you will find the sign for Skiti telling you to turn left. in 5 minutes you will see the village of Skiti in front of you.

“Welcome to Amanitis Ceasarea”!!!