Traditional Tavern

Do not deprive yourself the chance to discover the true meaning of the word “homemade food”. In our menu, you will find both traditional and common dishes, all prepared from fresh local ingredientsand cooked for you in fine Greek extra virgin olive oil.

Traditional Greek soups, such as sweet or sour trahanas, traditional Greek dishes,like moussaka, pastitsio, cabbage rolls, soutzoukakia, or tender roast veal beef with eggplant purée, but also, more special dishes, such as chicken Amanitisand Pleurotus (oyster) mushrooms with spinach and feta cheese, all prepared with love and care for your satisfaction.

Grilled dishes from local meat and fresh local products.

Delicious salads, homemade pies and appetizers of unique flavor and aroma.

Don’t hesitate to try our own “Amanitis Caesarea salad”, You’ll love it.

Greek cheeses (feta cheese with olive oil and wild oregano, grilled feta with aromatic herbs, roasted Greek talagani, etc.).

Wonderful organic wine, red and white, from local producers and handmade liqueurs.

Delicious homemade sweets(orange, strawberry, cherry, fig, tomato), orange pie and handmade ice-cream!!!

Don’t miss to try the amazing “Amanitis Caesarea”, a very special sweet!!!