No more than 5min away from our place, there is the beautiful coastline of Larissa. Most of the beaches there, wins “blue flags” every year.

As you reach the coastal road, you can choose either to head south by turning right or go north, by turning left.


Enjoy the cool and deep blue sea on organized and bustling beaches or choose to swim in more distant and quite places. Don’t forget to visit the ancient harbor.

Going to Polydendri, after a beautiful path drowned in vegetation, you can find several places to swim. Places like the Papakosta coast and the beach of Rakopotamos.

As long as you go there, don’t miss to visit the second beach of Rakopotamos, one of the oldest and known nudist beaches.


To the north, extends the beautiful beaches of Agiokampos, Sotiritsa and Velika. Leaving Velika and continue north, you will find the beaches of Paliouria, Koutsoupias and Kokkino Nero, (with its famous thermal springs).

A loving embrace of green and blue, mountain and sea in unique combinations, you’re your senses to a higher level.

The route is studded with lovely taverns, where you can spend your time relaxing by drinking ouzo and eating local delicacies.

And at the evenings, you can find many beautiful bars, restaurants, taverns, crowded with tourists as well as more quiet choices, depending on the tastes of everyone.