Skiti Agias

The name “Skiti” refers to the place where the monks lived alone, away from public view. The word itself, means “hermitage” in Greek.

Skiti is a lovely village of incomparable beauty, drowned in vegetation. It belongs to the Municipality of Agia, part of the prefecture of Larissa, in Thessaly, Greece. The village was built on a slope of Mount Mavrovouni, approximately 340 meters above sea level.

The endless and beautiful coastline of Larissa (Agiokampos – Sotiritsa – Velika), is just 7km from the village.

Σκήτη, αγιάς, Λάρισα, Αγιόκαμπος, Βελίκα

Skiti is an old village with an impressive and interesting history. In the surrounding mountains on every slope you can find a lonely country church. A strong indication that the origin of the place goes way back to the Byzantine period when the monks chose the village to lead their ascetic lives.

About 1km northwest of Skiti, there is a monastery, called Sts. Anargiroi. The monastery includes two “chambers” for the monks to leave in. The mural was created between 12th and 16th century.

Near Skiti,it is considered to be the ancient Melivoia, (the home of Philoktitis), a place famous for its production of purpura Meliboiae. In the northwest of the village were found ruins of a fortress, probably identified with Byzantine Kentavropolis.

The city controlled the road that led from today’s Agiokampos to Agia and played an important role as a stronghold for the coastal populations during the first barbaric raids (3rd – 4th century AD) and later the Slavs and Saracens (6th century AD).

Σκήτη, αγιάς, Λάρισα, Αγιόκαμπος, Βελίκα

Today Skiti is an ideal tourist destination for all seasons of the year. A unique combination of the mountain and sea beauty. The village is literally drowned in vegetation, as chestnut trees and plane trees are in abundance. The endless coastline of Larisa is just 7 km from the village.

The visitor can wander in the picturesque square, enjoy traditional houses with blooming gardens, stroll through the picturesque streets of the traditional settlement and gaze at the vastness of the Aegean Sea by Profitis Ilias, the highest point of the village.

Near Skiti