Deluxe Studio-apartment "Ianthe"

An atmospheric, deluxe Studio – Apartment “Ianthe”, with a total 26m2 of interior area,  is located at the IOS building and features one double bed and one single.

A spacious and cozy room, with traditional décor, handmade luminaires (owner’s personal touch) and a balcony view that leaves you breathless.


In Greek mythology, “Ianthe”, (which means purple or violet flower), was a name attributed to three figures in Greek mythology.

  1. Ianthe was a Cretan girl who was betrothed to Iphis. Iphis was a woman raised as a man; she also fell in love with Ianthe and prayed to the gods to allow the two women to marry. She was changed by Hera into a man, and became Ianthe’s husband.
  2. Ianthe, one of the 3,000 sons and daughters of the Titan Oceanus and Tethys, the Oceanids. She is mentioned as one of Persephone’s escorts to Hades.
  3. Ianthe, a young girl, so beautiful that when she died the Gods made purple flowers grow around her grave.

Δωμάτιο Ιάνθη

Room Amenities

The “Ianthe” has:

One double bed and one single bed.
Anatomic bed mattress.
Large balcony overlooking the sea and the mountain.
Dining table.
Central heating.
Αir- Condition.
Free wi-fi.
Bathroom with a walk-in shower and hydro-column.
Mosquito nets in the windows.

The room has a fully equipped kitchen

Electric oven
Microwave oven
Water boiler
Coffee mixer
Cooking utensils