Sea Excursions

Sea tour at Skiathos

Starting point, the port of Agiokampos. First stop the picturesque Damouhari with its seatavern, right where the famous musical “MAMA MIA” was shot. Take a swim to the lovely beaches of the island and enjoy local delicacies at the city of Skiathos. Return to Agiokampos, late afternoom.

θαλάσσιες αποδράσεις Νταμούχαρη

θαλάσσιες αποδράσεις σπηλιές

Daily tour to the seacaves at Veneto.

These caves are accessible only by sea and offers an amazing experience. Swim at the crystal clear waters of the caves, explore these nature’s wonders and learn about the local myths and legends. According to mythology, in one of those caves, king Peleus got married with the niriide Thetis, mother of Achilles.